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Transcribe faster with
Transcriber Pro application!

Transcriber Pro is a fast and convenient tool for professional transcribers. Put an end to switching between your media player and Word. Enjoy media player bundled with text editor, timestamps and speaker tagging, playback speed adjustment, fully customizable hotkeys, unique HTML export options (interactive captions with social media widgets) and even more.

Note: Transcriber Pro is not a speech recognition software.
It does a good job of helping you transcribe anything manually!

  • Interactive captions export feature
  • — Free updates during the subscription period
  • — Enchanced technical support

Download Transcriber-pro

Fully featured 30 days trial for free

Windows 8/8.1/10/11, Windows 7/Vista
Additional components
.NET Framework 4.0, Media Player 10
will be installed automatically if necessary

User guide

1. Efficient transcription work

Want to get the work done fast? Use keyboard shortcuts.

Player functionality can be fully controlled with keyboard shortcuts. Remember main player hotkeys:Tab (Play/Pause), Ctrl + Left ( Skip backward interval, which has 3 seconds duration by default and can be altered manually) and Ctrl+Right (Skip forward interval - 3 seconds by default). You might also need Ctrl + Space (text replacement) и Ctrl + Enter (new section and timestamp insert). Ctrl + {1, 2, 3, ..} for speaker name insertion.

How do I customize keyboard shortcuts?

You can edit most of keyboard shortcuts manually in the pop-up Settings window. Note that Set speakers and Tags functions have such keyboard shortcuts by default. We’re interested in improving your user experience with Transcriber-pro. Have any ideas on hotkeys alteration for better transcription? Shoot us an email, and we’ll do our best to implement your requests in the next version of the application.

What is a section and a timestamp?

Section is a logical part of a text. It’s up to you, whether it be a paragraph of the text or a speaker’s quotation in your transcript. A section always has a timestamp, and can be used for fast transcript and media navigation. Each section is synchronized with a specific part of the media. Click on a timestamp in the transcript starts media playback from that exact point. You can always delete all sections by specifying section format when exporting your transcript to the document format you need. We recommend using sections in your transcripts for better transcription experience.

2. Extra features of the software

What is “Tags”? How do I use tags?

In Transcriber-pro, tags can be used to give extra information about specific parts of the text. Tags are important when it comes to transcribing parts of the media, that are hard to convert into text because of background noise, overlapping speech, strong accents, non-verbal activity, etc. You can mark the unclear phrase with the selected tag and get back to listening “hard” part of the recording later just by clicking on the tagged section, and the player will start the playback of the media from selected point. You can find the hotkeys for the tags in the settings menu. To close a tag, use Ctrl+R keyboard shortcut, or hit Stop button in Control panel.

What is autotext and how to use it?

Autotext – is a feature of automatic text replacement that can be used for symbols or abbreviations in the transcript. For instance, you have an audio recording with the repeatedly used phrase “Massachusetts Institute of Technology ”, and you have to transcribe literally. You can go to Autotext tab in the Settings Menu, type “”MIT” in the Insert text field, and enter full phrase in Replacement text field. Now you can type MIT every time you hear this in the recording, then use Ctrl + Space keyboard shortcut, and see automatic text replacement in the transcript. You can create your own text replacement dictionary fast for a specific transcription project.

3. Media player

How do I customize fast forward and rewind functions?

Access Player tab in Control panel> Set Skip Forward and Skip Backward intervals manually. Standard fast forward and rewind intervals have 3 seconds duration, you can edit player presets for your convenience.

How do I manage playback speed?

Access Player tab in Control panel> Scroll the Speed slider to change playback speed. Speed control lower limit is 50%, upper limit is 300% . Any speed beyond these limits causes playback quality distortion.

4. Team work

How do I assign tasks for transcription using Transcriber-pro?

Select Create option in the main drop-down menu or in the start window of the application. Give a name to a new project, select media file path, and project folder. Choose “Create a multipart transcription” option and break your media down to as many parts as you need. By clicking on Create button, you’ll get the tasks as separate xts files(xts is a system format). Now you can share the xts files and assign tasks to your transcription team.

How do I merge parts of a transcript and do speakers matching for a multi-speaker recording?

If you work in a team and insert speakers’ data before proofreading, we can recommend next approach. Notify your team that they should set a description for each speaker in the text fields on the Speakers panel of the app. Describing speaker’s voice is very helpful, especially when you deal with multi-speaker recordings. When you get the recording transcribed and ready for proofreading, select all project xts files(just hit Ctrl key and click on the needed parts, then hit Open button). Transcriber pro will merge all parts into final transcript. Use speakers metadata(like voice description) and multi-select of the speakers in the speakers panel(Ctrl+ left-click)and Merge button to define a new speaker.

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